by Kristen R. Harris

Why Am I Here? 

5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose 

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This easy to follow guide is for any woman who's stuck trying to figure out why on earth God has her here.

This book is only 10 pages long. However, if you follow the 5 steps outlined in the book, you'll discover the reason that you are walking this earth. Then you can get busy walking that purpose out!

Step-by-step guide to discovering your purpose

Start Living On Purpose Today!

Includes my personal journey of finding my purpose

Easy to read with five simple steps

Stop abusing yourself! Use your gifts and talents for the purposes that God intended.

Every woman is full of potential and purpose. However, most do not know how to get everything out that is inside of them. My purpose is to help you draw it out by equipping you with the tools you need to get unstuck. Consider me your personal midwife. I will help you realize that you are PREGNANT with purpose and help you PUSH past your pain to DELIVER what God has promised you!

Kristen R. Harris, Women's Empowerment Coach 

About the author

"Professionally and personally, Kristen R. Harris knows how to deliver a message that produces impact that results in effective change. I have seen women leave Kristen's presence with a sense of urgency to become greater due to being empowered and inspired. I can honestly say she is a threat to ANY excuse about not walking in purpose!"

Rodnisha Anderson, CEO Selah Series

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